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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'Menus on Monday'

Jane and I have been running a series of demonstration classes on Mondays and Tuesdays that we do at the same every year. That is why we have been a bit busy ! Jane runs 8 weeks in Bickley and I run 5 weeks in Southend.  They are great fun and we produce 3 courses each week for everyone to try.  One of my ladies, Barbara, sent me this lovely poem that applies to the menus both of us have been doing.  Hope you enjoy it.

Menus on Monday

Five weeks at Judy's/Jane's to learn how to cook
In all weathers we got there by hook or by crook
On monday morning for 2 hours or more
We went for the pleasure it wasn't a chore

We all learned a lot and laughed a lot too
So forget Jamoie Oliver and Michel Roux
Mary Berry and Delia and even Nigella
Our Judy/Jane cooks better than that Heston Fella

She showed us her hot pot and yummy fish pie
And for toffee apple puddings we all would die
Potatoes, cabbage and curly kale
Curry and chicken she just couldn't fail

But will we have the same success with summer jelly and Eton Mess
Or have a go at grunt with fruit
If our souffles rise it will be a hoot

So thank you Judy/Jane for your hard work and time
The recipes you showed us have all been sublime
Mondays from now on will be very drear
So please put my name down for the same thing next year

How nice is that !!!

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